Jennifer Aniston flaunts a well-defined figure in a stunning bikini at a Christmas celebration.

If your Christmas involved cleaning up after your Great Aunt as she enjoyed Brussels Sprout soup, endlessly topping up your mom’s Bailey’s with cream out of sheer convenience, or engaging in futile debates with your dad over whether ‘Santa Claus (the movie)’ is rooted in reality, then you might prefer to pass on this content.

Jennifer Aniston had an amazing day, unlike the rest of us. The actress and her partner jetted off to Mexico for their holiday getaway, enjoying their time lounging by a pool in Cabo. It’s interesting because Cabo is a place we typically see on TV shows like ‘The OC,’ where characters would frequently exclaim, “Let’s go to Cabo!” and someone would invariably find themselves in a predicament after a wild party.

It’s a relief to know that Justin and Jennifer didn’t encounter any life-threatening situations in a dimly lit alley. Instead, it appears they had a pleasurable time.