Rimini, Italy

With the Adriatic’s golden beaches, stunning old architecture and unique cuisine, Rimini is one of Italy’s jewels. It is not surprising that life here often revolves around fine dining, and was voted as one of the most visited places for food by Booking.com travelers.

For your convenience, you can sign up for a small group street food tour and wander around the cobbled streets, while seeing Rimini’s chic bakeries and discovering classic Italian cuisine. Even street food stalls offer scrumptious local delicacies like Rimini’s signature “piada”, unleavened bread served hot, topped with soft cheeses.

The only Michelin restaurant in Rimini is Abocar Due Cucine. Located in a cozy premises, the restaurant treats diners with Italian and Argentinian flavors. The signature dish at the restaurant is “soyotta”, consisting of red onions and soy sauce but created by a multitude of complex cooking techniques and indigenous flavors.

Sao Paulo, Brazil

São Paolo is one of the most culturally interesting cities in the world, with 14 Michelin restaurants. The dishes you won’t want to miss when visiting this place are “coxinha” – a golden shredded chicken shaped like a chicken thigh, and “feijoada” – a rich stew of black beans. These two dishes can be found on the menu at most cafes, bars and food markets here. Visitors can also sign up for tours to explore the markets to sample local specialties and enjoy the best cuisine here.

A prestigious address to enjoy food when coming to São Paolo is D.O.M. – one of the best restaurants in the world, which revives the flavors of indigenous Brazilian cuisine under the skillful hands of chef Alex Atala. Hotel Fasano São Paulo is also ideal for foodies, with a modern Italian-style Michelin restaurant serving pasta with seafood.

Madrid, Spain

Spain’s capital is known for its world-class museums and slow-paced lifestyle, and it’s also home to an impressive culinary culture that brings together talented chefs from all over the world. world with unique styles and cooking methods. Owning more than 20 Michelin restaurants, Madrid is said to be a “paradise” of foodies.

Personal food tours are always available for visitors to admire and visit countless restaurants, tapas bars, food markets… where local specialties are displayed in a unique and attractive style. traditions of this city. Don’t forget to stop by the 3-Michelin-star restaurant, DiverXO located in the NH Collection Madrid Eurobuilding. The owner of the restaurant is chef Dabiz Muñoz known for his bold and innovative style.

Dubai, UAE

Dubai cuisine is known for its Friday buffets – a lavish event with on-site cooking demonstrations, extensive menus and a tribute to local cuisine. Restaurants in Dubai are great places for social media followers to share beautiful dining photos, including street food stalls, food trucks, etc., here are also extremely diverse. If you join the Dubai street food tour, you will be immersed in a journey to discover the old streets of Dubai and enjoy the traditional dishes of the city, including Arab, Indian dishes… within just a few hours.

Awarded the title of Dubai’s Best European Restaurant in 2021, Marina Social will satisfy diners’ taste buds with 15-hour grilled ribs, traditional Italian dishes but full of twists. Serving Mediterranean-inspired fare, this restaurant features Michelin-starred chef Jason Atherton, where diners can overlook the marina while enjoying a gourmet meal in style.

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